Blue Whale Fruiticulteurs depuis 1950

Blue Whale fruiticulteurs are crazy about apples and prove it to you!

They decided together to share their job and talk about (...)

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BLUE WHALE is in the TV news

On the 28th of September, we welcomed Tv reporter team (...)

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The harvest has well begun by Christophe Belloc

The first apples are even on stall to make happy (...)

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Plum season is here!

August is here, and for Blue Whale is the true start time of the plum season. With Sunkiss plum, packed in Estiva® by Blue Whale, the weekly tonnage will increase significantly from week to week.

Commercially, the lights are green: there are less summer fruits this year, especially with a deficit of Spain origin. If the weather continues, sales should be good for our large plum and interspecific crop in Blue Whale Estiva® and Metis® ranges. (...)

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Our production areas

Outstanding areas producing 100% French fruit

Blue Whale is the largest French fruit-growers’ group, with 300 growers from the four finest fruit-growing regions in Southern France: the South-west, the Loire Valley, Provence
and the Alps. Blue Whale’s fruit-growers all share the same love
of their terroir and a passion for fine fruit. They seek to bring
the best out of nature: the most colourful, the sweetest
and the tastiest.


The Garonne, Tarn and Aveyron Valleys, the hills of Quercy...
All these names are synonymous with the good life and local products. Apples, kiwis, plums, grapes and strawberries are the kings of the region, which is the home of the Blue Whale trademark.
The Midi Pyrénées area has some agro-climatic advantages which allow it to develop its fruit characteristics: apple, plum, kiwifruit and grape.



Blue Whale’s fruit-growers know how to get the best out of
Provence’s legendary sunny climate.


At the foot of the Alps, pure air, fertile soils and sunshine offer an ideal environment for growing a varied range of tasty fruits.

Loire Valley

Famous for its lamb’s lettuce and wine, the Loire Valley is also the historic home of the apple. Its alluvial soils are ideal for apple trees and pear trees.

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