Tentation® Delblush

It is from the crossing of the Golden Delicious and the Griffer that the Tentation® was born as if by magic with the wave of an expert’s wand, that of Henri Delbard. 

An authentic apple, a reference in terms of taste! 

It contains all the pleasures. This apple will win you over thanks to its golden-orange colour and charm your sense of smell with its light, delicate scent. It is crunchy, juicy and tasty with a lovely balance between sweetness and acidity.


A crunchy, juicy fruit, both sweet and acid, with subtle and varied aromas. 

It’s a top-of-the-range apple, but one that has managed to keep its rustic nature: its speckled skin is golden and subtly blushed.

Tasting notes

A unique flavour ; a very-marked scent – floral with hints of hazelnut and a very light menthol touch. 

This apple’s exceptional texture – firm and acidulous – means it’s just as good to bite into or to cook. 

A marvel that combines savour and tradition with talent