Élément Terre Bio® 

In 2017, Blue Whale launched the Élément Terre Bio® brand: a range of apples specifically produced thanks to organic farming. Orchard management for this range involves selecting varieties that are adapted to organic production, to the soil and climate, and resistant to certain diseases such as scab. It also entails using environmentally friendly production methods. This is only possible by preserving and developing the region's biodiversity: fauna, flora, ecosystems... Thus, insect hotels and beehives are set up in the orchards and are frequently analysed, and the human footprint is reduced to a minimum.


Beautifully hardy and naturally resistant to pests and diseases, there are 10 delicious varieties to discover under the Élément Terre Bio® banner.

Tasting notes 

Yellow, red, two-toned, sweet, tangy, mild, fragrant... there's bound to be an Elément Terre Bio® apple for every craving.