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Blue Whale, the fruit of passion and expertise

From orchard to market stall, Blue Whale has chosen the path of quality rather than volume at any price. Our fruit-growers love their job and  combine their expertise with respect for the natural cycle in their quest  for the ideal fruit.

Blue Whale has the main international and national certifications which guarantee the quality and traceability process throughout production.

In the orchard

Our good, environmentally-friendly growing practices allow the fruit to develop at its own pace and under the best possible conditions. “Agriconfiance” certification is the guarantee of our fruit-growers’ know-how. 

It is awarded for the high quality standards that prevail in our orchards and the good health of our products. 

To this certification is added the GlobalG.A.P certification which goal is to satisfy customers concerns regarding food security and environmental protection.

The High Environmental Value label is a French certification based on performance indicators relating to biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilization and irrigation management implemented on each producer's farm. It is a recognition of the commitments made by the operation to respect the environment.

The good and environmentally friendly cultivation practices implemented by Blue Whale producers allow the fruit to grow at their own pace, in the best conditions.

Adherence to the ANPP's eco-friendly orchard charter attests to the good practices of Blue Whale fruit growers.

They are committed to producing healthy, beautiful and good apples while respecting the environment and the biodiversity of the orchards.

At the packing station

BRC certification attests to the high level of food hygiene and safety during the sorting, conservation and packing operations that Blue Whale fruit undergo prior to dispatch.

At the Blue Whale sales department 

ISO 9001 certification is an international norm certifying the quality system and the efficiency of the Blue Whale organization. 

Those requirements result in the ability of the group to provide a product respecting the customer specifications and regulations.

For the fruit

The Label Rouge is a national standard which designates products which, due to their production conditions, have a higher level of quality than other similar products usually marketed.

A protected geographical indication (PGI) is a French label that identifies an agricultural product, the quality, reputation or other characteristics of which are linked to its geographical origin. In this case, the apples are from the Alps of the Upper Durance.